Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Earring Packaging

Are you selling your earrings? How are you presenting them? I thought about a good way to package earrings by putting them in a 2" zip bags. You can staple a half folded 2"x 2" tag with names, website and contact information on top of the bag. Now your earrings can have a unified and professional look.

Do you have any other ideas? Please feel free to contribute on this thread!


Anonymous said...

Hello- just found you on twitter!
I use business cards that I got for free from Vista Print. I put my logo across the top and a solid color on the bottom, then punch 2 holes for the posts. They can be used longways or sideways, and Rio Grande has cheap earring hanging clips that I can attach for display!

Anonymous said...

I like your idea, it's not too expensive (at least it's cheaper than buying customized jewelry boxes) but looks really professional.
If someday I'm good enough to sell my pieces I'll give it a try.