Monday, March 30, 2009

Bracelet 001

Level of difficulty: ♥♥

This is a great handmade jewelry project for beginners. Below are the tools and supplies that you will need for this bracelet.

Chain-nose plier
Round-nose plier

5 x 10mm glass pearls
5 x 8mm glass pearls
12" 2mm thick leather cord
5 x jump rings
2 x cord tips
10 x 1.5" ~2" headpins
1 x lobster claw clasp

1. Take the leather cord, tie a simple regular knot 1.5" away from one side of the cord. Just before you tighten the knot, attach one jump ring to the loop of the card, then tighten the knot.
2. String the pearls onto the headpins, and make a loop with your round-nose plier.
3. Attache all of your pearls to the jump rings.
4. Once you finish adding all the pearls, wrap the leather cord around your wrist. Cut off excess cord so that the length of the cord is exactly your wrist size. Don't worry that this will be too tight for your wrist, because you have yet to add the end tips and the clasp.
5. Finish the bracelet by adding the end tips and the clasp, and the bracelet should be just the right size for your wrist!

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Angela and Christine said...

Very nice, simple and elegant. Creative as usual.