Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hello, hope you all had a great holiday! Ready to get back to work and school? :) I had quite a wonderful holiday, although we didn't really go anywhere during the holidays. It was quite relaxing, and we had some wonderful time with family and friends. I also managed to complete some home projects and major cleaning.

So, has any of you come up with any new year resolutions for 2010 yet? I still haven't done mine yet......should really start tonight, it's already January 3rd......ha!

Has any of you seen the movie "Julie and Julia", I really liked it. This holiday, we invited some friends and families over for dinners, and although I didn't cook all the dishes from scratch like I used to, it was still quite rewarding making a few dishes for my guests.

Has any of you give out any of your own jewelry creations as Christmas presents? I did, and got some good compliments. I will need to start some new projects soon..... :)

Happy New Year to you all!