Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hello, hope you all had a great holiday! Ready to get back to work and school? :) I had quite a wonderful holiday, although we didn't really go anywhere during the holidays. It was quite relaxing, and we had some wonderful time with family and friends. I also managed to complete some home projects and major cleaning.

So, has any of you come up with any new year resolutions for 2010 yet? I still haven't done mine yet......should really start tonight, it's already January 3rd......ha!

Has any of you seen the movie "Julie and Julia", I really liked it. This holiday, we invited some friends and families over for dinners, and although I didn't cook all the dishes from scratch like I used to, it was still quite rewarding making a few dishes for my guests.

Has any of you give out any of your own jewelry creations as Christmas presents? I did, and got some good compliments. I will need to start some new projects soon..... :)

Happy New Year to you all!


Elle said...

Some of my resolutions are to get healthy by eliminating negative forces in my life (that includes people that are just holding me back with their negativity) and by making progress physically (weight loss, more energy, etc.). I also have a resolution to promote my handmade jewelry shops to the point that I make at least 10 sales. I hope I can meet these goals!

I'm doing it a little different than some people. This year I decided to start making my resolutions start on my birthday in October instead of New Year's Day. After all, my birthday is technically my personal New Year's Day, right? Then by the time New Year's rolls around three months later, I'm reminded to renew myself to them instead of just forgetting them after a couple of months (or days...) like most everyone else. :)

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