Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fruity Bracelet

Sorry, haven't post for quite sometime! Above is a new bracelet that I recently taught at my beading class! I used merely wire wrapping technique for this project. You can view my clear step-by-step wire wrapping technique with headpins HERE!

If you are interested in purchasing the supplies for this bracelet, it's US$15 (Plus $5.00 for shipping). Please leave me a comment for this post if you are interested!


Angela said...

Nice bracelet, Frances, as always.

I was wondering if you are okay. Didn't know that you offered classes.

deb said...

Cute bracelet, with bright colors

Angela said...

Hi, Frances

I'm interested in purchasing it, would you be able to put some extra beads for a matching earrings?


Frances said...

Hi Angela,

Yes, I had been teaching a beginner level of class in a senior adult school on Tuesday. You are way too advanced from that class now! :)

And, sure, I will get a kit ready for you! I will email you with details!