Friday, May 22, 2009

Interesting marketing ideas

How do you market your business, be it jewelry or other crafts. I recently came across this interesting idea online, and I quote:

"We all get junk mail with the postage paid envelopes. Just send a flyer or your business card back to the company and use their return envelope. ;) " (from

Do you have any other interesting marketing ideas? Lets share some of our awesome ideas here!!


ChezChani said...

Oh, that is a bold and interesting idea. I'd be curious how the company that receives it feels about it.

Sheree said...

Lol! Ecellent idea. I wonder how well it works!

ByCoco said...

Interesting idea, but I can't help but wonder if the person opening the envelop will be pleased (or at least curious) or bothered (put out). I'd hate for ill feelings to be attached to my business card.
Curious to know if anyone has tried it and what kind of a reaction they got if any.

kaytee said...

Usually, the people opening the envelopes do only that... minimum wage type job or contract work... slit envelope... take out contents... put in proper box (payments, application, circular file...)for delivery to the actual processors. So, it would probably be a waste of a business card. Maybe staple it to a letter requesting they take your name off their mailing list?

Jennifer said...

HMM... never tried that one! I have given a few family members their own "set" of my business cards. It really has spread the word more than I could have done myself.

A Beaded Affair said...

Love this idea. I had a friend that used to shred the mailed material and put it in the envelope and send it back. lol