Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bracelet 002

Level of difficulty: ♥

This is a simple bracelet I made using bead tips. Below are the tools and supplies that you will need for this bracelet.

chain-nose pliers


1 clasp
stringing wire
small silver round beads
12x large glass bead nuggets
6x bead caps
3x 10mm glass pearls
2x crimp beads
2x bead tips

1. Arrange all the beads to your desired pattern.
2. You can use bead-tips to attach the stringing wire to the clasp before you start stringing the beads.

3. Add small silver round beads between all the larger beads to give the bracelet a nice accent of silver.

1 comment:

Brad Powers said...

Nice article, can't wait to use it for my family reunion this week.